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We have phone meetings 5 days a week for your convenience.  Please join us!

Face-to-face meetings vary by location.

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Meeting Guides and Resources


Meeting guides, 12 Steps, Promises, etiquette and other helpful resources for folks like us with an addictive personality.

Click on the books to see the resources we use including those taken right from the book When Misery is Company.

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Member Donations


Link to resource for members to make donations in accordance with Tradition 7.

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The MAA/SSA fellowship is growing and service opportunities are available.  Filling a service need is a great way to strengthen recovery.  Please  click on the green button below titled Service Opportunities.

Please Note:   the latest version is dated 09/29/18.  If you see any other version, you may need to clear your cache and history files.  Please contact Alena1960@live.com for assistance.

Service Opportunities 092918 (pdf)