Welcome to SSA / MAA

Welcome to the web site of Self Sabotagers Anonymous and Misery Addicts Anonymous.

Do you self sabotage? Is the glass always half empty; never half full? Have you tried therapy, medication, self help gurus; seen brief periods of improvement only to fall back into the cycle of self sabotage, even misery?

Maybe you’re one of us. Not sure? Read more to find out if you are a compulsive self sabotager and misery addict.

Information For Members

  • Massachusetts Face-to-Face… If anyone is interested in starting or attending a face to face meeting in Western Massachusetts please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the meeting organizer.
  • NEW MEETING! Support our newest meeting as it supports your recovery from misery addiction and self-sabotage. Recovery now available on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. More details…

A Few Words on Phone Meeting Etiquette

Suggestions for making the phone meetings more productive and enjoyable for everyone:

  • Know where your MUTE button is on your phone and know how to use it when you are not speaking (OR use *6 to turn mute on and off).
  • Try to be located in a place where you can give your full attention to the meeting.
  • Do just the meeting, not clean your house, too, wash dishes too, pay your bills, too, etc.
  • Consider your sharing a contribution to the fellowship of hope and strength, not a dump zone for things going wrong in your life.
  • When called on make one positive statement about your day, if you can’t think of anything to share on the topic. Know that by sharing you do a service to yourself and others.

No one can do all of these suggestions perfectly all the time, but if you see a pattern in the way you do the phone meetings, you may be practicing self-sabotage.