Results of Name Vote - March 2018

During the months of January and February 2018, many candid and insightful conversations were held about what would be the best name for our Fellowship.  Together we explored many different suggestions, giving consideration to what resonated for us in all phases of our Recovery - from when we were looking for a program, to when we were newcomers and finally as committed members of the program practicing the 12th Step by reaching out to others.

The Group Conscious of The Fellowship is that we will continue to operate with both names.  

  • The reason is because members resonate with both names.  Many voted to keep both names and some were so torn between them they could not vote for one over the other.
  • Some of our members feel very strongly that their disease is Misery Addiction with self sabotage being one of the many ways they practice misery addiction.  
  • Others feel just as strongly that their disease is Self Sabotage and that misery addition is an unintended by product.
  • Happily, what we call ourselves really doesn't matter.  

What matters is that:

  1. We recognize that we have a dis-ease and are willing to work the 12 Steps with a sponsor to make our lives better.
  2. We attend meetings where we share our experience, strength and hope and we focus on being open to really hearing (at a deep and relational level) the experience, strength and hope shared by others.
  3. We discover a Higher Power of our very own, one we can trust and build a loving relationship with.  One that will become the most important relationship in our lives, a fountain from which blessings and miracles will freely flow.

Historical Note:

The membership went through a similar exercise in 2012-2013 with the same results.