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Phone Meetings

We have phone meetings 5 days a week and all are autonomous.  We recommend trying a few to find the best fit for you.  Scroll down for a complete listing.

Additional information about the meetings, meeting custodians, leaders and projects in the works are available on the Meeting Custodians page available by clicking on the green button below.

Face-to-face Meetings

Scroll down to see a listing of our face-to-face meetings including the dates, times and locations.

Problems Getting Connected?

If you are unable to dial in (for example if you are getting a busy signal or are on the line and no one else is there), there is a backdoor number you can use:  


Once connected, you will need to enter both the regular number and the access code followed by #     

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

Here is the information in one piece so you can copy/paste:



Code:  849398#

Phone Meeting Schedule

Monday 10 AM ET

**Our disease does not take holidays off, so neither to we.  Please join us as we share our experience, strength and Hope. **

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

 10 AM ET - 9 CT - 8 MT - 7 PT 

Focus o

Tuesday 10:30 AM ET

 **Our disease does not take holidays off, so neither to we.  Please join us as we share our experience, strength and Hope. ** 

Number*:  641-715-0700

Access Code:  849398#

10:30 AM ET - 9:30 CT - 8:30 MT - 7:30 PT

Back To Basics meeting (B2B)
The format of the meeting is very different from our other  meetings.  The meeting leader presents, breaks down, and shares their experience of the steps.  There is time at the end of the call  for questions.

  • 1st Tuesday-Steps 1-3 
  • 2nd Tuesday-Steps 4-5 
  • 3rd Tuesday-Steps 6-9 
  • 4th Tuesday-Steps 10-12 
  • If there is a fifth Tuesday, it will be a Speaker meeting.

Wednesday 6:30 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700

Access Code: 849398#

6:30 PM ET - 5:30 CT - 4:30 MT - 3:30 PT     

Book study meeting using "When Misery is Company" book

Thursday 9 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700

Access Code: 849398#  

9 PM ET - 8 CT - 7 MT - 6 PT

Experiential Activities meeting from the book "When Misery is Company" by Anne Katherine.       

See Meeting Custodians page for list of activities.

Saturday 10 AM ET

Number*: 641-715-0700

Access Code: 849398#  

10  AM ET - 9 CT - 8 MT - 7 PT   

  • 1st week: Book study and discussion using the "When Misery is Company" book
  • 2nd week is a Step study
  • All other weeks are leader led topic meetings.

Sunday Night Speaker Meeting

Last Sunday of the Month   

Monthly Sunday Night

Work Shop/Speaker Meeting     

Next Meetings:  Sunday, Nov 25th 

Sunday, Dec 30th

Number*:  641-715-0700

Access Code: 849398#    

9:00 PM ET - 8:00 CT - 7:00 MT - 6:00 PT      

Topic:  To be Discovered

Face-to-Face Meetings

Atlanta, GA

The 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

1 PM to 2:30 PM


The Galano Club located at   585 Dutch Valley Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324  Room 3

Book Study Meeting using the book "When Misery is Company" by Anne Katherine.

Is your area next?

If you are interested in starting a Face-to-face meeting in your area, please send an email message to Alena1960@live.com

Where are our members located?

Please visit click on the buttom below to see a map of our fellowship.

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Service Opportunities

The MAA/SSA fellowship is growing and service opportunities are available.  Filling a service need is a great way to strengthen recovery.  Please  click on the green button below titled Service Opportunities. 

Please note:  the latest version is dated 09/29/18.  If you see any other version, please clear your cache and history files in your browser.  If you need assistance, please contact Alena1960@live.

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