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Phone Meetings

We have phone meetings 6 days and all are autonomous.  

We recommend trying a few to find the best fit for you.

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Face-to-face Meetings

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Problems Getting Connected?

If you are unable to dial in (for example you are getting a busy signal), there is a backdoor number you can use:  


Once connected, you will need to enter both the regular number and the access code followed by #     

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

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Code:  849398#

Phone Meeting Schedule

Monday 9:30 AM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

9:30 AM ET - 8:30 CT - 7:30 MT - 6:30 PT

Focus on Recovery

Tuesday 3:00 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

3:00 PM ET - 2:00 CT - 1:00 MT - 12:00 PT

Step and Tradition Study

Wednesday 6:30 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

6:30 PM ET - 5:30 CT - 4:30 MT - 3:30 PT

Serenity with Unity Group

Thursday 9:00 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code: 849398#

9:00 PM ET - 8:00 CT - 7:00 MT - 6:00 PT

Experiential Activities from "When Misery is Company" book.  

The Thurs Night meeting continues to work on this challenge:         

Reading the first full paragraph on page 196         Select 1 or 2 of the Self Sabotage behaviors described to work on over the next week.         During the Thursday night meetings we'll share what we have learned, the good news about any progress we have made and any tips we have about our success.     

For those who don't have their book handy, the paragraph is included on the Custodians page.

Friday 3:00 PM ET

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code:  849398#

3:00 PM ET - 2:00 CT - 1:00 MT - 12:00 PT

Step and Tradition Study

Please join us for the after meeting as well - we are a friendly bunch dedicated to our recovery.

Information about Meeting Custodians, leaders for upcoming meetings and progress is available on the Meeting Custodians page.  Click on the green button below.

Saturday 10:0 AM ET

Number*: 641-715-0700 - Access Code: 849398#

10:00 AM ET - 9:00 CT - 8:00 MT - 7:00 PT 

Varies by week - includes "When Misery is Company" book study, Step study and leader led topic meetings.

Monthly Sunday Speaker Meeting

** We will not have a meeting this month - Enjoy your holiday!**  

Face-to-Face Meetings

Atlanta, GA

Every other Sunday

1 PM to 2:30 PM

Book Study Meeting

Upcomig Dates:  

1/7/2018, 1/21/18, 2/4/18 and 2/18/18

When Misery is Company Book Study Meeting

Is your area next?

If you are interested in starting a Face-to-face meeting in your area, please send an email message to Alena1960@live.com

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The Galano Club located at 

585 Dutch Valley Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Room 3

Where Are We Located?

Please visit the Meeting Resources page and scroll down to find the document titled Map of Members

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