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If you, like us, are addicted to self sabotage and misery, you may find yourself doing things that prevent you from experiencing the full Joy of Life - making choices that keep you stuck or are not in alignment with your needs and true desires.  You may even find yourself denying that you have desires, but deep down inside, a part of you knows that you do. 

Today there is Hope!  Together We CAN Recover.  By participating in meetings and working the 12 Steps with a sponsor, we'll soon find our lives are better than we ever thought possible. 

This Member Map provides a view of our fellowship by location.  If your location is not listed please contact the webmaster at: and provide the name of your city and state.  We'll get you added to the map.  Additionally, if we find others in your area, we'll let all of you know about each other, after securing everyone's consent.

Thank you for your participation.

Meeting Guide for Phone Meetings

Use this file for traditional phone meetings that have chosen to use the standard guide.

Meeting Guide for Experiential Meeting

Use this Experiential Meeting Guide for experiential meetings like the one currently held on Thursday night.

Meeting Guide for Face-2-face Meetings

Use this file for face-2-face meetings that have chosen to use this guide.  In accordance with the Traditions, each meeting is autonomous. 

Newcomer Handout

The Newcomer Handout provides information about our phone meetings including the schedule and how to get the most out of them.  

You might want to carry a couple of these for those surprise 12 Step calls.  

Steps, Traditions, and a flyer for Face-2-face Meeting

Scroll down to the Download section and select Download for the file you want.

- 12 Steps customized for SSA

- 12 Traditions customized for SSA

- Flyer for Face-2-face Meetings (for attraction not promotion)

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Click on a file to download.


Click on a file to download.

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Speaker-Alena-Holiday-TipsForThriving-10282018 (mp3)


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