Custodians & Leaders

Guidelines for Meeting Custodians

Custodians care for the meeting - it is a Sacred Honor and Responsbility.

Meeting Provisions

  • Arrive a couple minutes early ensuring that no one in need ever hears a empty line.
  • Invite other people to lead the meeting.
  • Lead the meeting if no one steps forward.
  • Facilitate a supportive space by muting noisy lines and redirecting the conversation back to Recovery if needed.

Care for Newcomers

  • Ensure newcomers feel welcome 
  • Invite newcomers to share their email address so they can be added to the group email list.  
  • Send newcomer email information to the web master

Provide Call Management

  • Trained and ready to use the Free Conference Call (FCC) call management software, custodians can see how many people are on the call, mute noisy lines when necessary and identify and speak to People in Pain (PiPs),  
  • PiPs are in so much pain that even though they need this program, as evidenced by the fact that they are on the call, they are unable to avail themselves of the help they desperately need - help that is there if they could only speak up and participate in the call.  
  • Custodians speak to our PiPs with compasion, just as we would a sick friend, but we also protect the call using the mute feature when necessary.

Monday Meeting


- Cindy

- Bree

Tuesday Meeting


- Jane

- Elaine

Wednesday Meeting


- Donna  413-315-9277

- Becky

Leader for Dec 6th is Jen

Thursday Meeting


- Shirley   

- Alena 678-427-5157     

This is the paragraph from page 196:


Self-sabotage is the essential behavior of misery addiction.  It can take an almost infinite number of forms, such as:      

- lateness     

- breaking promises     

- not showing up     

- not preparing     

- projecting old issues onto people and events in the present     

- making assumptions and acting on them as if they were a reality     

- not expressing your needs     

- expecting others to read your mind     

- sacrificing yourself for others     

- suppressing your feelings     

- care-taking others     

- not acting when action is needed     

- chasing away the people who could help     

- taking poor care of yourself     

- sabotaging friendships     

- not taking effective medication     

- using tool addictions     

- avoiding important people, events and feelings

Friday Meeting


- Jane 

- Elaine

Custodians & Leaders Part 2

Saturday Meeting

Meeting Leaders

12/2 and 12/9 is Sherry M, KY

12/16, 12/23 and 12/30 are open

Are you ready to lead?  Step right on up!  Need some help getting started?  Contact Alena at

Meeting Topics

Dec 9th - Step Meeting:  

We'll need someone to share about their 12th Step.  If you would like to share about your 12th Step, please contact Donna at or by calling 413-315-9277.

In January, we start again with Step 1.  Do you have a favorite Step?  If so, you can sign up in advance.  Please contact Donna.

Dec. 16th Monthly Meditation

This month we'll experience the Birth of a Sacred Child, a meditation led by Alena

Do you have a topic you would like to see covered?  Please send an email with your name and topic to


  • Michael - 1st meeting each month - open discussion topic meeting 
  • Donna - 2nd meeting each month - focus on the Steps      
  • Alena - 3rd meeting each month - guided meditation

Sunday Night Speaker Meeting

Occurs on the last Sunday of the Month 

** We will not have a meeting this month - Enjoy your holiday!**

Face-to-face in Atlanta


Alena & Shirley

We meet every other Sunday at the Galano Club in Atlanta

Meeting Dates include:

  • Oct 29th
  • Nov 12th
  • Nov 26th

We're currently working on a very special group writing project - the SSA/MAA 12x12

Come on down and bring all of your 12x12 literature with you. 

We typically go to lunch afterwards - all are welcome to join us.

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming