Custodians & Leaders

Guidelines for Meeting Custodians

Custodians care for the meeting - it is a Sacred Honor and Responsbility.

Meeting Provisions

  • Arrive a couple minutes early so no newcomer will ever hear an empty line.
  • Invite others to lead the meeting, supporting them as needed (i.e., how/where to access the meeting guide, etc.).
  • Lead the meeting if no one steps forward.
  • Facilitate a supportive space by muting noisy lines and redirecting the conversation back to Recovery if needed.

Care for Newcomers

  • Ensure newcomers feel welcome 
  • Invite newcomers to share their email address so they can be added to the group email list.  
  • Send newcomer email information to the web master

Provide Call Management

  • Trained and ready to use the Free Conference Call (FCC) call management software, custodians can see how many people are on the call, mute noisy lines when necessary and identify and speak to People in Pain (PiPs),  
  • PiPs are people in so much pain that even though they need this program, as evidenced by the fact that they are on the call, they are unable to avail themselves of the help they desperately need - help that is there for them if only they could speak up and participate in the call.  
  • Custodians speak to our PiPs with the same compassion we would offer a sick friend.  We also protect the call using the mute feature when necessary.

Monday Morning Meeting


- Cindy

- Bree

Wednesday Afternoon Meeting


- Donna  413-315-9277

- Becky

Thursday Evening Meeting


- Shirley   

- Alena 678-427-5157     

Experiential book study meeting

As of 3/15/18 we are working on a collaborative, group writing project to author a version of the Promises for our fellowship.

Here are the latest edits:

Dearest Family,

We believe we have "finalized" the SSA/MAA Promises and would love to get your feedback before we update our meeting format with our new Promises. 

We want it all - the good and the bad.  Please send your feedback by March 30th.

Thank you!

The SSA/MAA Promises

  • As we work The Twelve Steps, we learn to trust our Higher Power.
  • We find freedom from misery addiction and discover our true selves.
  • Compassion increases as we love and accept ourselves and others. 
  • Self sabotage, avoidance, and fear leave us. 
  • Authenticity, intimacy and trust grow. 
  • We are more accepting of human frailty in ourselves and others and enjoy healthier relationships. 
  • Our vision clears and we discover the courage to seek out what we truly long for. 
  • As we release the desire for perfection and control, we find ourselves relaxing and having fun. 
  • We now feel comfortable giving and receiving love, and intuitively know how to handle situations that used to mystify us.
  • We are open to security, stability, success and happiness.

Saturday Morning Meeting


  • 1st meeting each month - open discussion topic meeting 
  • Donna - 2nd meeting each month - focus on the Steps      

Do you have a favorite Step?  If so, you can sign up in advance. 

 Please contact Donna at 413-315-9277

  • Alena - 3rd meeting each month - guided meditation

Once a Month Sunday Night Meeting

Monthly Sunday NIght

Work Shop/Speaker Meeting

Next Meeting Sunday, March 25th

Number*:  641-715-0700 - Access Code: 849398#  

9:00 PM ET - 8:00 CT - 7:00 MT - 6:00 PT  

Topic:  Getting the Most out of your meeting time!

Face-to-face Meetings

Face-to-face in Atlanta


Alena & Shirley

We meet every other Sunday at the Galano Club in Atlanta

Upcoming Meeting Dates include:

  • March 18th
  • ** we are skipping April 1 due to the holiday
  • April 8th
  • April 22nd
  • May 6th
  • May 20th

After everyone has had the opportunity to check-in and share, we will conintue our work on a our group writing project - the SSA/MAA 12x12

Come on down, bring your 12x12 literature and a pen.

We typically go to lunch afterwards - all are welcome to join us.

Which City Will Be Next??

We are eager to support folks in getting new meetings started.

All it takes is two people to make a commitment.

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming

New meetings coming