Living The 12 steps

Living The 12 steps


Living The 12 Steps

This area is dedicated to our practice of The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

If you have anything to contribute, please send it to

We look forward to seeing this area grow and evolve as we grow in our

Understanding and Practice of Living the 12 Steps

Weekly Back to Basics Step Meeting

Tuesday at 10:30 AM ET we host our Back to Basics Step meeting.

  • The topic is The 12 Steps and the format is very different from our other meetings.  The meeting leader will be presenting, breaking down, and sharing their experience of the steps.  
  • There will be time at the end of the call for questions.
  • Schedule:
    • Week 1-Steps 1-3
    • Week 2-Steps 4-5
    • Week 3--Steps 6-9
    • Week 4--Steps 10-12
    • When there is a fifth Tuesday, it will be a speaker meeting
    • The following month, we’ll start again.
  • We hope you’ll give it a try.

For your convenience, we offer recordings of these meetings:

Meeting Schedule

2nd Saturday Meeting

The 2nd Saturday of every month is our focus on The 12 Steps meeting, 

One of our members shares their experience with the Step that  corresponds to the current month (i.e., Step 1 in January, Step 2 in February).

Do you have a favorite Step?  We'd love to have you share about it.  

Please contact Donna at 413-315-9277.

Meeting Schedule

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study

Joe McQuany and  Charlie Parmley met in 1973 and spent the  next three decades hosting sessions about their understanding of Alcoholics Anonymous, fondly known as the Big Book.

Once sold on cassette tape for $60, today we can hear it for free online, live streaming and download, 

in short, easy to listen to 20 minute sessions.

Their deep humility, keen sense of humor and in-depth acumen of the program make this a helpful too for anyone seeking to understand The 12 Steps.

Go To Big Book Study

Silkworth.Net provides comprehensive information about Alcoholics Anonymous.

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