Are you one of us


Do you self sabotage?

Is the glass always half empty; never half full?  Have you tried therapy, medication, self help gurus; seen brief periods of improvement only to fall back into the cycle of self sabotage, even misery?

If you, like us, are addicted to self sabotage,

you find yourself doing things that prevent you from experiencing the full joy of life.  Congratulatlions!  Just by contacting us and getting involved you are taking one of the bravest steps possible.  You are choosing to take the first step toward ending years of frustration and unhappiness.  You are choosing to be the person you were meant to be.

The good news is that you can do things to turn your life around.

We have all been exactly where you are.  We have found that by working the 12 Steps and by sharing our hopes and dreams as well as our struggles and pain, recovery is possible.

Self Sabotagers Anonymous is a new program, just a few years old.

In spite of the fact that our numbers are small (but growing) larger numbers of people actually spend far too much of their lives living out unhealthy patterns that began years ago in our formative years.  Patterns that keep us doing things that lead to unhappiness.  Patterns that prevent us from truly embracing life.  Our program helps us identify these unhealthy patterns and gives us the tools and support we need to make changes.

"When Misery Is Company" by Anne Katherine is the book at the center of our program.

Many members have come to the program through the book or through word of mouth.  Many of us are involved in other 12 Step programs but SSA is home.  It is a safe place where we deal with those underlying issues that lead to so many destructive behaviors.  It is a place where we are truly understood.

As with all 12 Step programs you are encouraged to try it out for at least 6 meetings to see if what we have is for you.  This program offers the promise of recovery if you want it and are willing to work for it.

Welcome and we hope you find what you are looking for.  Scroll down to check out our Welcome Reading.

How do I contact Misery Addicts Anonymous?

The best way to reach us is to attend a meeting.  You can also send an email message to

Are you one of us?


Source: "When Misery Is Company" book , page 117

Review the questions below.  If you can answer "yes" to five or more of these questions, you might want to consider checking us out.

1.  I often self sabotage relationships, school work and other positive opportunities and events.

2.  I avoid feeling or experiencing life fully.

3.  I often get side-tracked or distracted from the most important things.

4. It is no uncommon for me to find or inject the negative into positive situations.

5.  I often derail positive momentum in my life or circumstandces.

6.  I feat feeling too good, too happy or being too successful.

7.  I often procrastinate or delay rather than take required action.

8.  I am often indecisive.

9.  I am rarely sure how I feel about people, places, or things.

10.  I have goals and ambitions but don't do the work required to attain them.

11.  I feel like I don't get any breaks.

12.  I often feel incompentent and unworthy.

Questions continue below

13.  I have difficulty changing my behaviors even in the face of repeated negaive consequences.

14.  I don't avoid situations that I know will cause me problems.

15.  I too often act on assumptions rather than facts.

16.  I resist change of any type.

17.  I get tied up in the details rather than looking at the big picture (I can't see the forest for the trees.)

18.  I refuse (or "forget") to take medications that are helpful.

19.  I often isolate.

20.  I find it difficult to ask for help or accept help if offered.

21.  I tend to push away or reject the people who care the most for me.

22.  I sacrifice my own desires and well-being for those of others.

23.  I am attracted to unavailable people.

24.  I rarely feel like I fit in or belong.

25.  I desire closer relationship but avoid the intimacy that "closeness" requires.

26.  I am easily addicted to substances or behaviors.

What do I do next?

We invite you to attend a few meetings and get to know us.  

We also invite you to read the book "When Misery is Company:  End Self Sabotage and Become Content" by Anne Katherine.

It's available online in both paper copy and kindle edition as well as at many bookstores and public libraries.  

This book led directly to the formation of this fellowship and provides great insight and guidance which is effective for dealing with this "life deadening" disease.

This addiction surprised me - I did not see this one coming!

We understand the feeling, it's how most of us felt when we first discovered this program.  

What we've found in our recovery from Misery Addition and Compulsive Self Sabotage is HOPE and even joy.  Now that we know, we can take action and get better.

It's also comforting to know that we're not alone - far from it.  The experience, strength and hope we share in our meetings give us a real advantage over the disease.  In time we find ourselves smiling and even laughing at things that used to devistate us.  Together we are getting better.

Many have recovered and you can too!

Misery Addiction or Self Sabotage -which is it?

The group conscience determined that to better reflect all aspects of this addition, we would add the name Self Sabotagers Anonymous to the name Misery Addicts Anonymous using the 2 names interchangeably.

In 2018, this issue was revisted and the group conscience was that we would continue to use both names.  Additional details are included by clicking on the Name button below.


No matter what name we use, our goals remain the same:

  • to reach out and embrace a new way of living
  • to live life to the fullest and to help others do the same.
  • to discover a Higher Power of our very own and use the 12 Steps of Recovery to create a life truly worth living

Why the name change?

Details are provided above but the bottom line is that it was a decision made by Group Conscience.